Radify Labs is an education company that helps expose students to in-demand tech skills and possible careers. Through project based learning, students gain experience with the skills as they learn.

By training students who also have full time jobs and internships, we have optimized our curriculum to be both manageable and highly effective to the already busy student.

Beginning with Foundations - our part time and online program - students are exposed to the in-demand tech skills of: Data Science, Front-End Development, Graphic Design, Web Design, and Digital Marketing. Through weekly projects that require students to utilize the skills as they learn them, students will gain a better understanding of what the potential career paths and work will be like.



Through our part time and online program - Learn the basics of 5 in demand tech skills while building a valuable portfolio that you can add to your resume and show to employers.


Hear from our 150+ Students

Our teaching philosophy comes from our years spent teaching thousands of college students technical skills such as Data Science, Graphic Design, and Marketing. From these teaching experiences, we discovered that students learn best by creating meaningful projects, not by listening to lectures or watching videos.


Want to learn more and see projects that students have worked on in the past?