Why not learn and intern at the same time
Learn a tech skill and intern for 4 weeks over winter break

December 17th - January 11th
How it works
Choose a concentration for the program (no previous experience in the skill is required)
We match you with a partner company and set up your curriculum and milestones
Spend 4 weeks learning while interning - completely online and on your time

Structure of the program
4 Weeks
Learn and intern online for four weeks with breaks for the major holidays including Christmas and New Years
All Online
Complete the program remotely through our online portal and Slack - a team communication app
15 Hours per Week
Commit to spending 15 hours a week learning skills, completing internship tasks, and communicating with your coach
Learn and Intern
We talked to over 100 businesses and identified 6 of the most in-demand tech skills. We replaced boring online lectures with exciting business projects so you can learn by doing.

Real world companies. Real world projects. We work with businesses to make sure your work matters. Learning by working helps you get the skills and experience you need to stand out from the crowd.

Hear from our 150+ Students
"The Radify Labs Program offered a great opportunity for me to learn skills that I can take with me after I graduate. So much of the things we learned are not taught in the classroom, but are still very applicable in today's workforce. It gave me the ability to learn a lot and apply what I learned to a startup, all remotely."

- Emmet Aylor, Christopher Newport University '20
"I couldn't be happier with my decision to sign up for for the Radify Labs Program. Working with this community of passionate learners, I've discovered what I'm truly capable of, and now I've got everything I need to start tackling my goals head-on."

- Adrian Thinnyun, UVA '21
"I did not expect to gain so much knowledge in only a few weeks and feel confident enough to start learning more on my own once the program ended. I could not have asked for or found a more dedicated group of instructors and mentors who all want to make sure you succeed, no matter your current skill levels or goals."

-Sheila Ford, Clark University '20
"This program surpassed all expectations I had for it, and I'm really glad I decided to apply! I've learned so many things that have helped me grow personally and professionally while creating amazing content with like-minded students"

- Raeven Mataya, UVA '20
Build your resume through interning
Standing out to employers has never been more difficult. We'll help make it easier.