Become a Foundations Coach


Get paid to mentor future Foundations students

As a coach you will mentor a group of 20 students through one on one meetings and team coaching. You will answer questions, track submissions, and make sure each student is having an awesome experience.

You will gain experience teaching, managing, and mentoring students. Coaches will also have access to our community Slack, our freelance network, a monthly community event, and mentorship. Mentorship includes career and resume advice, interview prep, academic advising from our team of instructors.



Being a coach requires about 15 hours of work per week and will be an 9 week position.

It pays $2,025 ($15/hr) and you will also become an automatic Radify community member.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are the 15 hrs in person or remote?

We'll have weekly one on one check-ins via Google Hangout with all coaches and the rest of the time you can work with your own schedule from wherever you'd like. As long as you're getting your work done, we want you to work where you're most comfortable.

How many coaches are we looking for?

We would like to have 15 coaches altogether. Together, the coaches will help make sure that Foundations runs smoothly and even better than our Summer 2018 iteration. 

What other benefits are there?

You will become a Radify community member for free which includes access to our community Slack, our growing network of freelance opportunities, a monthly community event, and mentorship.

Is there anything else I should know?

Becoming a coach means that you'll consistently be surrounded by other really awesome coaches. We'll have private coach dinners, hangouts, and more. Amazing friendships are inevitable.