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Amanda Whitaker
Consultant, CapTech
My name is Amanda and I am a 2017 grad from the UVA Commerce school, with an undergraduate business education concentrated on Marketing, IT, and Business Analytics. I've been with CapTech for over a year now and couldn't see myself anywhere else. I'm learning so much and am passionate about sharing that knowledge to help those around me be the best they can be. As an example, I now teach trainings in Excel to my coworkers - something I enjoy and am passionate about!
Bryson Lockett
Product Manager, APT
My name is Bryson and I graduated from UVA Class of 2018 with a BS Systems Engineering and BS Computer Science. Currently I work as an Associate Product Manager at APT. I have previous experience as a web developer for a political marketing company and data architect for a car tech startup in Silicon Valley. I'm interested in the why behind software development and applying PM techniques in novel ways to hard problems.
Cameron Cross
Consultant, Bain & Company
My name is Cameron, I moved to Cape Town to work with an education start-up for three months after graduating before starting full-time work as a management consultant with Bain & Company. I spent two years at Bain before recently leaving to do a 6-month "externship" in South America: 3 months with an impact investing fund (Acumen) in Colombia, and 3 months with an Acumen investee in Peru (Wasi Organics). In January, I will return to Bain for 6 months before seeking a job that intersects my interests of education and social entrepreneurship. I am an avid runner and traveler. Would love to talk about either!
Daniel Schear
Marketing, P&G
My name is Daniel and I graduated from Virginia in 2010 as a Finance and Marketing concentration in the Comm School and an Econ major in the College. I started at Procter & Gamble out of undergrad. In my time at P&G, I have gone from being a supply chain finance analyst to a hair care strategy leader to a performance marketing and lean innovation brand manager in our Ventures group. (UVA students only!)
Ethelia Lung
Interactions Designer, YouTube
My name is Ethelia and I am a New Media Design graduate from Rochester Institute of Technology, and an interaction designer at YouTube! I hail from Hong Kong, where I lived until age 18, and where I interned at a small webdesign agency my first two summers of college. I've always been a logic girl, building websites from an early age and studying computer science in high school before going into design. Ask me if you're interested in changing career courses not once but twice before age 19 lol. I'm passionate about naps and good food, but also about using design as a means to reach people and for social good! I love being able to make an impact on people through thoughtful and empathetic products.
Hoyle Wang
Product Manager, Adobe
My name is Hoyle and I'm a Product Manager on Adobe XD. I've been designing things ever since I was 10 and am deeply passionate about it. MBA-like product managers that deal with things like pricing, analytics, etc. bore me. Talk to me if you're a builder interested in building real things for real people. :)
Kaleigh Watson
Launch Director, HackCville
My name is Kaleigh and I graduated from UVA this past spring with a major in Media Studies and a minor in Social Entrepreneurship. I'm currently working as the Launch Director at HackCville. I've also interned for a year at the Tom Tom Founders Festival in Charlottesville. I can be helpful in regards to Media Studies, Photography/Videography, general questions about Entrepreneurship/taking a non-traditional path, and just college and life advice. I'm passionate about well-told stories, trying new things, and snowboarding!
Louisa Smythe
Marketing, Adobe
My name is Louisa and I graduated from the Commerce School at UVA in 2014 with degrees in Marketing & Management. I worked for Oracle in Marketing Ops for 2 years then at a small startup called Tenfold as a Marketing Generalist. Currently I work at Magento/Adobe in Marketing Ops. I LOVE to cook, visit museums, & see live music! (UVA students only!)
Matthew Clare
Corporate Development, Apple
Matthew has worked at Apple for the past 8 years and is currently in Corporate Development. Previously he was an associate in the Principal Investment Area at Goldman Sachs and an analyst at Deutsche Bank.
McLain Faett
Consultant, Bain & Company
My name is McLain and I graduated from the UVA McIntire School of Commerce (Finance + Marketing). During college I completed an internship with Hyundai Capital (marketing internship in Seoul, South Korea & Irvine, California). Currently I work as an Associate Consultant at Bain & Company.
Nicole Shadowen
Business Analyst, Mozilla
My name is Nicole and I am currently working as a Business Analyst on emerging technologies with Mozilla. My passion is helping businesses implement emerging technologies (Blockchain, AI, IoT, and Robotics) with an emphasis on security, privacy, and ethical practices. I am interested in strategic and operational policies to support secure systems design. My background is in cyber security and digital forensics, as well as psychology.
Sam Beadles
Analytics, Oliver Wyman
My name is Sam and I'm a UVA grad from 2018. At UVA, I studied history and statistics, called it Data Analysis and made off with a A&S degree. I'm working in consulting now. I work in the analytics side of a large strategy consulting firm. I love fishing, homebrewing, backpacking, and reading books on the Civil War. The American one. Come to our conversation with one tough question and I'll try to come back with one for you!
Soonho Kwon
Consultant, APT
Soonho graduated from Princeton University and is using his math degree as a Business Consultant at Applied Predictive Technologies. He loves tackling analytical questions in a business context, and hopes to become a non-profit consultant in the future.
Will McComb
Program Manager, Amazon
Will is a Program Manager for Prime Now at Amazon. He graduated from the Commerce School at UVA in 2016 with degrees in Finance and Marketing. During school he completed internships with both Ebay and J.P. Morgan.
Alicia Wang
Product Manager, Hyperspace Ventures
My name is Alicia and I am currently a Technical Product Manager at Hyperspace Ventures, a web & app design and development company with a venture capital arm. Previously, I've worked at Deloitte Consulting on data visualization projects for retail firms. I am passionate about the intersection between design, technology, and business. I enjoy photography, traveling and am working towards the zero waste lifestyle.
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