Top Tips for College Students from a Campus Recruiter at Deutsche Bank
Recruiting for jobs can be incredibly challenging.
Here are some awesome recruiting tips from Jo Spotswood, Campus Recruitment at Deutsche Bank!
OPPORTUNITIES TO CONNECT — Attend recruiting events and follow up with new connections. Include your resume and something interesting that will continue the conversation. For example, add a relevant article or additional thoughts on a topic you discussed.

If your dream company isn't coming to campus, then search their website for opportunities to connect online. Deutsche Bank hosts virtual Q&A forums to educate you about our internship and graduate programs.

— Don't get discouraged if you don't get a response at first. The most effective messages are short and clearly state what job you are interested in and what you want to learn from connecting with them. Avoid asking a question that you could answer with a google search.

NAILING YOUR RESUME — When you ask for feedback on your resume, do a skimmable test first before diving into details. Ask the reviewer to quickly skim your resume and give you their initial impression. Did they notice your biggest accomplishments? Can they identify your relevant experience for the job? If the answer is no, then odds are your dream company also won't gather these things about you. Know the story you want your resume to tell and keep editing until that story is skimmable.

And of course, set up resume review appointments with career services.

With that said, if you are invited to interview, remember that anything on your resume is fair game for interviewer questions. Be able to talk about every line on your resume and the related skills you'll bring to that company.

— Prepare for your interviews! A good candidate can regurgitate recent news about the company. A great candidate can speak about that news in the context of broader industry trends and has opinions.

Prepare your communication channels. When applying, use a professional email address that you regularly check. Make sure your voicemail is set up and isn't full. If a recruiter can't reach you, then we'll assume you aren't interested!

APPLY ANYWAY — Don't assume you're not a fit for a job because of your major. At Deutsche Bank, we don't limit our search to just business or math majors. Rather, we are looking for collaborative, driven, individuals that challenge ordinary thinking. We recognize that every student brings relevant skills to the table regardless of major, so it's your job to highlight what's relevant in your application.

Deutsche Bank has a strong history of hiring from UVA. In fact, our technology division will be on campus October 17th. Keep an eye on your UVA careers page for more details.

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OCTOBER, 12 / 2018