Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to schedule a time to talk with a member of our team if you have more questions!
Frequently asked questions
Can international students apply?
We accept students from all around the world. To sign an Income Share Agreement, you do need to be a US citizen or US Permanent Resident.

If you're not a US citizen you can still participate by paying tuition upfront. Have more questions? Email
How many hours per week should I expect the fellowship to take?
Students should expect to spend 10 hours per week on the fellowship until they get hired.

Most students receive an offer shortly after the completion of the program. We are happy to support them for as long as it takes to get a great offer, as long as they are putting in the work!

Most of the work can be done on students' own schedules but there will be certain times when students are required to be online.
Where does the fellowship take place?
Wherever you are! The fellowship is a completely online program.
How much does a Radify Fellowship cost?
Radify students can choose to pay upfront tuition or form an agreement with us.

Upfront tuition

Full-Time Job Fellow:
$2500 up front (paid in 2 installments, during week 1 and week 4 of the fellowship)

We care a lot about accessibility. If you can't afford to pay for the program up-front. Radify will invest in you and the quality of our program.

$0 Tuition upfront

Our other payment method is $0 upfront tuition and 10% of your 1st year salary if we match you with a full-time job.

More Information about Income Sharing Agreements:

If we place you with a full time job:
Under our ISA you agree to pay 10% of your 1st year salary after the program with 10 monthly payments, but only when you're making $50,000/year or more. For example, if you get a job paying $60,000/year, you're earning $5,000 per month. 10% of $50,000 is $5,000. So you would pay that $5,000 to Radify in 12 monthly payments of $417.

If your income ever drops below $4,166 per month you don't make a payment that month.

Our ISA is also capped at a maximum of $15,000. You'll never pay more than $15,000 under any circumstances.

You have 12 months after your last day at Radify to trigger the 12 monthly payments. If one year goes by, and you haven't secured a position that pays enough to trigger 12 monthly payments, the ISA is cancelled.
Do we guarantee employment for our students?
No - we are not able to guarantee employment. However, our team has experience matching over 300 students with internship and full-time offers. We know everything there is to know about the hiring process.
Why Radify?
We go above and beyond for our students. Need a last minute pump-up before an interview? Have a burning question at 2:00am? We're there for you - always.
I'm interested in the fellowship but want to pursue a career outside of graphic design, marketing, UX, product management, etc.
We're rapidly expanding the programs that we offer! If you're interested in pursuing a more technical role - we'll have a fellowship launched just for you in the next few weeks! Be sure to keep checking back to see when we launch it.
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