Partner with Launch for vetted & trained top talent.

The Launch Summer Program isn't your typical internship program. Our interns get advanced training in critical skills: code, design, marketing, data, and more. Then we match these super-interns with your company to tackle big projects during the summer.

We provide technical and marketing talent to 50+ of the top startup and tech firms across the country at very affordable prices. Students get a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn invaluable skills and build experience. Read on for how your company can get involved.


Here's how it works:


1) We find and vet 500+ top students so you don't have to.

Top engineering, computer science, business, media, and arts students apply to Launch in the fall and go through a vigorous multi-stage vetting process. Our acceptance rate is about 10%, and 50% of our accepted students are female.


2) We train them to become super-interns in just 5 weeks.

Our proprietary training system gets students work-ready fast. We teach modern tools and techniques to 5 different tracks: software dev, web design, digital media, digital strategy, and data science. We round out them out by teaching the communication skills and professionalism needed to succeed in the workplace.


3) We match students with companies to tackle big projects for the rest of the summer.

Throughout the training process, we work closely with each company to find the best match based on each student's skillset, personal interests, and culture fit. For the remaining seven weeks of the summer, students then work as full-time interns or project consultants at the company's offices. (June 25 - August 10.)


4) Keep them if you want

After Launch, dozens of companies continued to work with HackCville and their interns for ongoing part-time work. Some students in our inaugural program were even hired full-time with their matched companies.