Prepare for the job you want by working the internships you need

Learn 1 tech skill through a 3 week internship. All remote and online

Applications are opening soon, in the mean time you can fill out your info and we'll notify you when we release them!

December 17 - January 10
An online internship to prepare you for the modern workplace
Whether your majoring in english or computer science, having not only an understanding, but real experience with technical skills makes you stand out in the crowded job pool.

The problem? You need experience to get a job, and a job to get experience.

That's why we built the Radfiy Winter Break Program. You'll learn an in-demand tech skill by putting it to use in the real world, with a company that we hand select for you.

Our Winter Break Program
Our Winter Break Program runs from December 17th to January 10th. When applying, you'll get to choose from 1 of 5 different concentrations: Web Design, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Data Science, and Software Engineering. If accepted, we will then match you with one of our partner companies for your 3 week remote internship.

By applying our project based learning techniques to a structured internship, you'll actually be learning while working on a company project.

Come out of our program miles ahead of your peers with skills and experience most people don't get until the summer. Our program will give you the extra edge when looking for later internships and jobs.
A few companies our students work with
What the program includes
We spent four years testing iterations of this program to make it awesome. We interviewed over 300 students to design this experience. Our program is made by students, for students. This isn't like any online experience you've seen before.
Daily projects
Cohort learning
Weekly Projects
Strong community
Individualized mentorship
Career advising
One on one checkins
Work experience
Each weekday, you will receive an agenda for the day. These agendas will include articles to read and small assignments to apply what you learn.
You will be matched with a group of other students and work together as a team to solve difficult problems.

Each week, you will be responsible for completing a project related to that week's skill. After each project, you will receive extensive feedback.
Unlike other online classes, we've found ways to allow each student to become an active and engaged member of our community.
Throughout the program, you'll have regular check-ins with a mentor to make sure you're getting the most out of Foundations.
We'll teach you how to write awesome resumes and cover letters, and how to make a career path that gets you closer to your goals.
Throughout the program you'll check-in with one of our program mentors. During these sessions you can ask questions, ask for advice, or learn about additional resources.
During the last five weeks of the program, you'll do a mini internship or launch your own project and learn what it's like to work remotely for a startup building to scale.
What Our Students Say
"I couldn't be happier with my decision to sign up for for the Radify Labs Program. Working with this community of passionate learners, I've discovered what I'm truly capable of, and now I've got everything I need to start tackling my goals head-on."

- Adrian Thinnyun, UVA '21
"The Radify Labs Program offered a great opportunity for me to learn skills that I can take with me after I graduate. So much of the things we learned are not taught in the classroom, but are still very applicable in today's workforce. It gave me the ability to learn a lot and apply what I learned to a startup, all remotely."

- Emmet Aylor, Christopher Newport University '20
"I did not expect to gain so much knowledge in only a few weeks and feel confident enough to start learning more on my own once the program ended. I could not have asked for or found a more dedicated group of instructors and mentors who all want to make sure you succeed, no matter your current skill levels or goals."

-Sheila Ford, Clark University '20
"This program surpassed all expectations I had for it, and I'm really glad I decided to apply! I've learned so many things that have helped me grow personally and professionally while creating amazing content with like-minded students"

- Raeven Mataya, UVA '20