A Remote and Online Program for Builders

Foundations is a 12-week remote + online program that takes students through the basics of digital marketing, design, data science, web design, and software engineering. After learning the basics, you'll apply what you learned in a 5-week internship or venture building experience.

Foundations is 100% remote and a 10hr/week commitment which allows students to take on another summer job or take summer classes while also learning valuable skills.


Overview of the program

The program is split into two parts: a 7-week training bootcamp and a 5-week mini internship or venture building experience. During the training bootcamp, you will spend each week learning the basics of a new skill as a member of a small cohort of five other students. 

During the 5 week internship experience you can explore one of two paths. The first is a remote internship opportunity with a nonprofit or small business. The second is a venture building opportunity: begin the steps of creating your own company with a group of like-minded people. Foundations instructors will help guide you through both, and how to market either the internship experience or venture building experience on your resume and LinkedIn. 


Weekly Overview

Week 1 Professional development

Covers the tools, skills, and resources needed to excel in any role.

Week 2 Design

Covers design principles, typography, and color theory and how these can be combined to make effective graphics.

Week 3 Digital Strategy

Covers search engine optimization, content and social media marketing, and all the tools you’ll need to get people to hear your message.

Week 4 Web design

Covers HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and other topics such as design principles and wireframing tools.

Week 5 data science

Covers the art and science of finding, cleaning, understanding, storing, manipulating and visualizing data.

Week 6 Software Engineering

Covers the basics of web development, Node.js, Firebase, and how to keep up with the latest tools.

Week 7 Personal Development

Covers workshops to help you design your internship experience and a few "Adulting 101" lessons.

Weeks 8-12 Project work

Create something

Apply what you've learned by building an awesome project with a group of students. Nothing impresses an employer more than knowing that you've gone through the building process from start to finish.


Work on a project for a business or nonprofit that we've sourced for you. Finishing a concrete project is a great learning experience, and allows you to see the impact of your work firsthand.


Unsure which is right for you?

That's fine! Read our post about which option to choose or contact us and we'll help you think through which experience would be best for you.


Cost of the Program

Comparable programs cost more than $3,000. To make the bootcamp accessible to more students, we're currently offering it for $600!

Apply now before the price goes up!

Round 1: Due August 10th at 11:59pm ($450)
Round 2: Due August 24th at 11:59pm ($550)
Round 3: Due September 7th at 11:59pm ($600)


Why Only $600?

Expanding access to education, not limiting it. Education is a public good, and we treat it as such. 

Why is Satellite 1/6 the price of comparable programs?

Because it can be.

Why does a comparable program cost thousands of dollars? A couple of videos, some online tutorials, and a few coaching sessions? In no world should that cost a fortune.

The internet has democratized learning.

Access to resources is no longer the barrier to education. Knowledge lies all around us, it's simply up to us to figure out how best to obtain it. That's what we've done with Satellite. Structure an active and engaged community to help make the internet of learning more accessible to all. 

Pay it forward. 

We're strong believer in education as a force for change. When more people realize the potential they have to shape the world around them, more people do just that. We're not just making the next generation of technically skilled employees. We're making the next generation of technically skilled innovators.


What the Program Includes

We spent four years testing iterations of Foundations to make it awesome. We interviewed over a 300 students, recorded their feedback, and incorporated it into this program. This isn’t like any online course you’ve seen before.

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Daily Projects

Each weekday, you will receive an agenda for the day. These agendas will include articles to read and small assignments to apply what you learn.

Weekly Projects

Each week, you will be responsible for completing a project related to that week's skill. After each project, you will receive extensive feedback.

Individualized mentorship

Throughout the program, you'll have regular check-ins with a mentor to make sure you're getting the most out of Satellite Bootcamp .

ONe on One Check-ins

Throughout the program you'll check-in with one of our program mentors. During these sessions you can ask questions, ask for advice, or learn about additional resources.


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Cohort learning

You will be matched with a group of other students at the beginning of the summer and work together as a team to solve difficult problems.

Strong Community

Unlike other online classes, we’ve found ways to allow each student to become an active and engaged member of our community.

career advising

We'll teach you how to write awesome resumes and cover letters, and how to make a career path that gets you closer to your goals.

Work experience

During the last five weeks of the program, you’ll do a mini internship or launch your own project and learn what it’s like to work remotely for a startup building to scale.