AN ONLINE PROGRAM To get you where you need to be

Whether you're majoring in english or computer science, you need to know digital basics to be a successful employee. You need to know how basic websites work, how to market online, and how build basic programs. 

The problem? Lectures and videos aren't going to cut it. You need to get real experience with real clients and real projects if you want to gain real skills. 

That's why we built Foundations. 5 weeks of technical projects. 4 weeks of an internship. 1 rad experience.  

The program is only 8 hours a week of work. So you can focus on the present while preparing for the future. 


Overview of the program

Foundations runs from September 10th - November 9th, with a week long break during midterms. Foundations is split into two parts: 5 weeks of project based learning and 4 weeks of an internship or venture building experience. During the first 5 weeks, you'll spend each week learning the basics of a different technical skill by completing projects that'll build you a solid portfolio. 

During the last 4 weeks of the program, you'll have two options to round out your resume and experience . The first is a remote internship opportunity with a local nonprofit or small business, driving real impact. The second is a venture building opportunity: students breath life into a personal passion, and learn how to take an idea from concept to implementation.

We'll help guide you through either option, and work with you to add your internship experience or venture building experience in the most effective way on your resume and LinkedIn.


Weekly Overview*

Week 1 Effectuation and Design

Covers all the tools you need to prototype an idea and the basics of design including typography, color theory, and design principles. You'll learn how to solve problems through design thinking and will gain an understanding of the design process.

Week 2 Digital marketing

Covers email, content, and social media marketing, and all the tools you’ll need to get people to hear your message. During the digital marketing week you'll learn what it takes to gain followers on email newsletter and social media platforms and what it takes to gain a potential customer's attention.

Week 3 software engineering

An introduction to the technical principles and concepts of software engineering. You'll cover the basics of conditional statements, loops, functions, and variable assignment. 

Week 4 data science or web design

Apply the Software principles you learned in week 3 and dive deeper into Data Science or Web Design.

In Data Science, you'll immerse yourself in the science of finding, cleaning, and visualizing data using Python and R.

In Web Design, you'll learn the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, while building out your first websites and hosting it online.

Week 5 Personal and professional development

Covers the tools, skills, and resources needed to excel in any role including LinkedIn and resume reviews and personal website and portfolio building. Also includes workshops aimed at helping you excel in your internship experience.

*Each week includes optional and advanced content for that week. Because we know your strengths differ from skill to skill.


Weeks 6-9 Project work


Create something

Apply what you've learned by building an awesome project with a group of students. We have feasible, iterable template projects for you to work on. Nothing impresses an employer more than knowing that you can tackle large problems on your own. 



Work on a project for a business or nonprofit that we've sourced for you. Finishing a concrete project is a great learning experience, and allows you to see the impact of your work firsthand.


Unsure which is right for you?

That's fine! Read our post about which option to choose or contact us and we'll help you think through which experience would be best for you.


Cost of the Program

Comparable programs cost more than $5,000. To make the bootcamp accessible to more students, we're currently offering it for $500!

Apply now! The Application Deadline is September 2nd! 

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Why Only $500?

We're expanding access to education, not limiting it. Education is a public good, and we treat it as such. 

Why is Foundations 1/10 the price of comparable programs?

Because it can be.

Why do other programs cost thousands of dollars? A couple of videos, some online tutorials, and a few coaching sessions? In no world should that cost a fortune.

The internet has democratized learning.

Access to resources is no longer the barrier to education. Knowledge lies all around us, it's simply up to us to figure out how best to obtain it. That's what we've done with Satellite. Structure an active and engaged community to help make the internet of learning more accessible to all. 

Pay it forward. 

We're strong believer in education as a force for change. When more people realize the potential they have to shape the world around them, more people do just that. We're not just making the next generation of technically skilled employees. We're making the next generation of technically skilled innovators.


What the Program Includes

We spent four years testing iterations of Foundations to make it awesome. We interviewed over 300 students to design this curriculum. Foundations is made by students, for students. This isn’t like any online course you’ve seen before.

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Daily Projects

Each weekday, you will receive an agenda for the day. These agendas will include articles to read and small assignments to apply what you learn.

Weekly Projects

Each week, you will be responsible for completing a project related to that week's skill. After each project, you will receive extensive feedback.

Individualized mentorship

Throughout the program, you'll have regular check-ins with a mentor to make sure you're getting the most out of Foundations.

ONe on One Check-ins

Throughout the program you'll check-in with one of our program mentors. During these sessions you can ask questions, ask for advice, or learn about additional resources.

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Cohort learning

You will be matched with a group of other students and work together as a team to solve difficult problems.

Strong Community

Unlike other online classes, we’ve found ways to allow each student to become an active and engaged member of our community.

career advising

We'll teach you how to write awesome resumes and cover letters, and how to make a career path that gets you closer to your goals.

Work experience

During the last five weeks of the program, you’ll do a mini internship or launch your own project and learn what it’s like to work remotely for a startup building to scale.

What our students say

"Foundations has shown me how easy it can be to gain the skills you need to start any project you're interested in. I feel much more confident in my self and my ability to launch my own venture. I can't wait to put my skills to use in the fall.”
- Allie Kendrick
"I couldn't be happier with my decision to sign up for Foundations. Working with this community of passionate learners, I've discovered what I'm truly capable of, and now I've got everything I need to start tackling my goals head-on.
- Adrian Thinnyun
"The Foundations program  has been hands down one of the most rewarding experiences I've had. The diverse and applicable skills we learned, coupled with the motivating and insightful community made the experience priceless! Being able to step out of my comfort zone and learn something new is an opportunity I never would have had without Foundations.”
-Matthew Greason
"I am so glad that I decided to sign up. Joining has given me the opportunity to connect with hundreds of people interested in the same things as myself, and has also helped me narrow my interests  within computer science and business.”
-Eric Armstrong
"I have really enjoyed figuring out how to teach myself. I was so proud of the projects I completed because I had built something all on my own, which I wasn’t sure I could do before. Now, I feel competent enough to learn any technical skill on my own.”
- Evie Lopoo

Refund Policy - 

You may request a full refund up until 1-week before the program has begun.

After that, you are entitled to a 75% refund until the beginning of the 2nd week of the program and a 50% refund until the beginning of the 3rd week of the program. 

Once the third week has begun, you can no longer request for a refund, because we've put in the time and appropriate resources to facilitate your program experience.