Partner with Launch for vetted & trained top talent.

With Launch’s leading-edge hiring services, cultivate the talent your company needs to thrive. Leverage Launch’s Talent Acquisition Services (TAS) to connect with and hire our exclusive pool of developers, data scientists, and UX designers.


Here's how it works:


1) Hire individual candidates

We have a platform with 100s of talented developers, marketers, and data scientists interested in pursuing a profession in an emerging city and helping to building the local ecosystem. Have particular hiring needs? Tell us what you need and we'll introduce you to great candidates.


2) Attend exclusive hiring events

We organize exclusive hiring events with some of the coolest companies. These aren't your typical career fairs, they're actually fun and bring together the whole city.


3) Source full teams

Expanding so quickly that you can't find time to actually run your company? Outsource your hiring to us. We can fill a full experienced sales team or find your next digital marketing department.