Graphic Design Internship
Learn to design a brand that really resonates with customers

December 17th - January 11th
An educational experience like no other
Learn valuable graphic design skills and get real world experience while using them
Customer Discovery
By researching your customers directly, you'll be able to gather key insights to make sure you are designing for their preferences.
Industry Research
In addition to your own research, gain information from what others in the industry have already done.
Create a Branding Guide
Keeping your design work consistent is essential but sometimes you'll have to design with others. Branding guides will help ensure there is no confusion.
Social Media Design
Social Media has taken over the world of influence and marketing by storm. Learn to design social media content that resonates with your audiences.
Content Marketing
Ads and content that explicitly promote a company are showing to be less and less effective. Learn to create content that customers will willingly want to share.
User Feedback
As your customer constantly changes, your designs need to as well. Learn to implement constant feedback loops to make sure your designs aren't lagging behind.

How the program works
Learn a technical skill through having an internship
Daily Projects
Each day you will learn by completing daily projects which contribute to your internship project
Internship Integrations
During the program you will be learning while interning meaning everything you work on contributes to your internship project
Final Deliverables
At the end of the program you will have learned a new technical skill by completing an internship project

We partner with companies to create meaningful projects that you can learn from
Some of the companies we work with:

What Our Students Say
Build your resume through interning
Standing out to employers has never been more difficult. We'll help make it easier.