Join Radify Immersions


Dive deeper into a technical skill of your choosing and become an expert in that field. In Immersions you will join a team of 5 other students who are interested in the same skill and together you will learn by doing projects, taking online tutorials, and accessing other materials online. Teams will be guided by a coach and will participate in weekly hour long check-ins to discuss progress. The program costs $500 for 9 weeks and participants also get everything included as a member of the Radify Community.



Immersions runs from September 10th - November 9th with a week long break during midterms. 

Immersions is a 10hr/week commitment for 9 weeks.

Most of the work will be done on your time but every week there will be a scheduled Google Hangout meeting and workshop lead by your group's coach.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are the 10 hrs in person or remote?

Your team will have a weekly Google Hangout meeting with your skill coach but the rest of the time you can work on your own schedule from wherever you'd like.

What is the structure like?

Immersions is all about getting you to an advanced level in your skill as quickly as possible. We believe that the best way to do that is a mix of mini-projects and participating in competitions. Want to learn more about Digital Media? We'll throw you into a few national design competitions. Data Science? Get ready to compete against the best of the best! The same holds for every skill we teach.

What other benefits are there?

You will become a Radify community member for free - access to our community Slack, our growing network of freelance opportunities, a monthly community event, and mentorship.

Is there anything else I should know?

Participating in Immersions is a sizable commitment. Make sure you spend some time to think about your other commitments for the Fall and be honest with yourself.