February 18th - March 22nd
Radify Labs Marketing Competition
In partnership with Locasaur, the mobile app to share what you love about the spots that you love
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Simon, founder of Locasaur, introduces the Marketing Competition
About Locasaur
Locasaur is the easiest way to say, "that's MY spot" - a mobile app for you and all your local businesses. Add your favorite spots, and with just a few taps, quickly endorse your favorite spots for what you love about them - no written reviews, no stars, and no ratings - and carry a map of local recommendations with you, right on your phone.
Marketing Competition
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Cool T-Shirt
Third and fourth place winners will receive an awesome t-shirt
$50 Cash Prize
The second place winner will receive a $50 Visa Gift Card
$150 Cash Prize
The first place winner will receive a $150 Visa Gift Card
Locasaur is also looking for a student to serve as a marketing intern to help grow their user base and engagement with their mobile app. If your competition submission is awesome, you may receive an internship offer!
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