Our Mission

Helping to build a world in which any student who is motivated can have access to a technical education
The Radify Mission
Radify Labs is dedicated to helping motivated learners to develop technical and professional skills that will help them to launch their career through our accessible and online programs

Our Team
Andy Page, CEO
Andy is one of our co-founders and our CEO. He is incredibly passionate about making a technical education accessible for everyone. Before starting Radify he ran a non-profit in Charlottesville, VA helping students learn technical skills in the classroom.
Allison Garrett, CMO
Allison is one of our co-founders and our CMO. She is incredibly passionate about mentorship and helping students find a career path that they will love. Before starting Radify she taught in-person semester and summer programs on Graphic Design.
Liesel Reussner, Program Manager
Liesel is our Program Manager. She has a passion for connecting people in the world of digital technology. For her, it's all about building relationships and helping people find their passions in life. Before Radify, she ran Special Events for the Richmond Symphony.
Sue Durnwirth, Director of Recruiter Relations
Sue is our Director of Recruiter Relations. She is incredibly excited about guiding students towards jobs and internships that will help propel their careers. Before Radify she led a career in the staffing industry and built her own Virginia-based staffing firm: Bench, Inc.
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