Our Story

Founding Radify Labs


Our team came together in Charlottesville, Virginia in the aftermath of the events of August 11th & 12th in 2017. We wanted to be a part of the healing process for our community but we had no idea where to start. That's when we founded Together We Run, a series of charity runathons in cities across the south. Through these runathons we wanted to raise money for local social and racial justice organizations in communities across the south but we had no idea how to market or even create an event like this. We spent a lot of time working on putting this event together, too much time. That's when we realized other founders face these same problems when trying to start a project so we founded Radify Labs.  

Radify Labs is an organization that empowers people to start projects like Together We Run. We teach all the skills you need like Marketing, Design Thinking, Effectuation and Data Science (just to name a few) to get your project off of the ground and begin to help create positive change in your community. Through our programs, students learn by doing, not by listening. At Radify Labs we believe tech education should be accessible to everyone and that's why we never turn a student away, regardless of financial need. 

Andy Page, Allison Garrett, and Yash Tekriwal
Founders, Radify Labs

 Our team at the Tom Tom Founders Festival Crowdfunded Pitch Night

Our team at the Tom Tom Founders Festival Crowdfunded Pitch Night