Satellite Instructors

Make sure you bookmark this page so that you can always find it! As instructors for Satellite we are dedicated to spending quality time with all of you - so much as that we are putting our availability up online so that you can book time on our calendars whenever you have questions, are seeking mentorship, or just need someone to talk to. 


Andy Page 

Andy is a recent UVA alum who graduated from the McIntire School of Commerce with concentrations in both IT and Marketing. Schedule time with Andy if you have any questions about Week 1 or Week 7, want to learn more about effectuation, are thinking about working on your own project, are interested in UX/UI or Product Management, or if you want help writing resumes or practicing for interviews.


Allison Garrett

Allison is a recent UVA alum who studied Psychology and Poetry Writing. Schedule time with Allison is you have any questions about Week 2, Week 3,  design, branding, content writing, breaking into tech with a nontechnical background, or yoga.


Jimmy McAvoy

Jimmy is a rising sophomore at Virginia Tech studying Electrical Engineering. Jimmy is handling all operations for Satellite this summer.   Schedule time with Jimmy if you have any questions about anything Satellite related.

Yash Tekriwal

Yash is a recent UVA alum who graduated from both the McIntire School of Commerce where he studied IT and the College of Arts and Science where we studied Computer Science. Schedule time with Yash if you have any questions about Week 4, Week 5, Week 6, want to explore the field of data science further, have questions about technical interviews, random life questions, travel hacking, or credit card rewards.


Matthew Quan

Matthew is a rising second year at UVA who is designing his own major that combines psychology and entrepreneurship.  Schedule time with Mattew if you have questions about marketing, time management, or amazing productivity hacks.


Fiona Seoh

Fiona is a digital storyteller and she is passionate about disrupting the need for formal education and pricey certifications (barriers to a more just society) by equipping individuals with the skills they need to launch initiatives. As part of the original Launch class, she has redesigned websites for 3 companies, launched guerrilla marketing campaigns, and crafted data visualizations for greater government accountability.