Our Team

At Radify Labs we believe in empowering people to start projects that solve problems in their own community. Our team is dedicated to giving students the skills they need to make an impact.



Andy Page, Director of Community & Operations

Andy is a go-getter and he is passionate about developing educational programs for students in underserved communities. Over the past four years, he has created educational programming to help more than 2,000 students learn technical skills and start their own ventures. 

Allison Garrett Headshot.jpg

Allison Garrett, Director of Education & Branding

Allison is a designer and she is passionate about designing educational programs that give students the confidence they need to start their own ventures. Over the past four years, she has taught design, marketing and media and led design marathons to get students excited about design.

matthew quan-11.jpg

Yash Tekriwal, Director of Innovation & Development

Yash is a visionary and he is passionate about developing educational programs which get students excited about learning technical skills. Over the past four years he has created and led data science training programs for college students and Fortune 500 Companies. 


Matthew Quan, Director of Partnerships & Growth

Matthew is a creative and he is passionate about helping students get excited about their educational experiences. He has developed educational programs which allow students to learn by completing meaningful projects rather than listening to lectures.