Explore a New Place and Learn a New Skill

Want to learn photography in New Orleans? Data Science in Richmond? Trips are a great way to join our community. Trips allow students to explore a new community while learning a valuable technical skill. Trips are run by one of our expert instructors who facilitates instruction, exploration, and projects which aid the local community. 

 Our 2018 Winter Break Trip to Austin, Texas

Our 2018 Winter Break Trip to Austin, Texas


Trips in the near future

Systems and Design thinking in fauquier County

Interested in building innovative solutions? Join us for a week long trip to Fauqiuer County, Virginia where you will team up with a group of students to identify ways that local wineries can improve their operations. Meet industry professionals, brainstorm innovative solutions, prototype those solutions, and test them.

In just one week you will learn the basics of Systems Thinking and Design Thinking, you will gain experience in consulting by finding solutions to real, industry specific problems, and at the end of the week teams will present their solutions to clients. 

Why Fauquier County? Fauquier County is the heart of Virginia Wine Country. With more than 15 wineries award-wining wineries all within a few miles of each other, Fauquier County holds a high rank in the wine world.


Trips in the future


Data Science In Richmond

Interested in Data Science? Join us for a week long trip to Richmond, Virginia where you will team up with cohort of students and dive into data science, meet local industry professionals, and work on coming up with a solution to a city-wide problem. At the end of the week, teams will present their solution to the city-wide problem in front of Richmond legislators.

In just one week you will learn the basics of data science through completing a project including how to make automated spreadsheets, professional graphs using Tableau, and an introduction to R, a software used for data analysis. 

Why Richmond? Richmond is a mid-sized city, which makes accessing higher level professionals and elected officials easy.


Photography in New Orleans

Interested in Photography? Join us for a week long trip to New Orleans, Louisiana where you will learn photography with an industry expert. Learn how to work with clients by teaming up with a cohort of students to create a portfolio of photos for a local nonprofit and build up your own photography portfolio by creating a suite of materials for a personal website and social media accounts that showcase your personal style. 

In just one week you will learn the basics of taking professional photos with a DSLR camera and a smartphone and learn how to edit your photos using Adobe Lightroom. 

Why New Orleans? New Orleans is a mid-sized city with a great mix of old historical sites plus modern infrastructure, which makes it a great place for learning photography.


Ready to Explore?

Get to know a new city, learn a new skill, and become a part of our community. On our trips, you will learn a new skill by completing a meaningful project which aids people who live in the community that you visit.

Trips cost $650 to attend and this includes lodging, tuition, space, and dinner every night. Transportation and other meals are not included. We offer full financial aid to any student with demonstrated need.