Web Development Immersion Program

Learn front end web development skills completely online.
Program dates are June 24th - August 30th.
Web Development Immersion Program
Learn front end web development skills in just 10 weeks. The Web Development Program is completely online, a 20 hour per week commitment, and includes one on one mentorship with professional software developers and hands-on training.

The class instructors are real software engineers with vast amounts of domain expertise. Students are expected to be online from 11:00am - 2:00pm Monday through Friday for lessons, peer coding exercises, and project work.
Web Development Immersion program weekly overview
Week 1: Getting Started
During the first week we will cover environment set up, productivity set up, course overview, industry insights, instructor demos, installing Adobe Illustrator and analyzing apps and websites, and learning modern design concepts. We will also introduce industry contacts and how to interact with professionals in the field.
Week 2: Web Foundations Part 1
Covers the foundations of HTML and CSS which are the building blocks of any website. During this week, students will master HTML and intermediate CSS allowing them to create a compelling website from scratch. Also, utilizing the Developer Tools to enhance your developer experience and speed.
Week 3: Web Foundations Part 2
During the third week we will cover implementing HTML and CSS which are the building blocks of any website. Students will learn how to take an idea from conception, to design and then development through building out a multi page website with semantic HTML and using Scss to write modular, reusable and advanced stylesheets.
Week 4: Introduction to Javascript
Learn JavaScript with modern syntax and best practices. Understand the DOM and Browser API, how the code is compiled into a browser from your editor. By the end of this week students will be able to understand Javascript syntax and implement the Browser API in a project.
Week 5: Introduction to Single Page Applications
This week covers the process and tools used to build single page applications (SPA) using the most up-to-date tools and techniques. Students will learn to manage state and render on internal state changes using reactive programming techniques and the React web library invented by Facebook. Students will also learn how React utilizes component based development to create complex user interfaces.
Week 6: Introduction to State Management
When working in React, you will soon find that managing state for an application across several component quickly becomes unscalable. This week coves React Redux library state management and error handling. We will use user authentication to immediately let you feel the pain React developers face without a state management library. Learn how to connect your React app to a Redux store connect your component props to action functions and dispatch them through Thunk to update your store in real time.
Week 7: Build Your Personal Website in React
Spend this week thinking about your personal website. Creating wireframes on paper, then developing the designs using Sketch, pseudo code your project, then implement it in code. User test at every iteration to get the best final product.
Week 8: Advanced Javascript
Learn OOP and ES6 in JS through Canvas. solve complex JS questions you could see in an interview. This week you will create a JavaScript brick game in the Canvas library that uses core object oriented principles and the latest EcmaScript. You will also practice advanced Javascript by breaking down complex obfuscated JavaScript problems to understand the order of operations and data types and data flow.
Week 9: Project Intensive
Build your final project during this week long intensive. Take an idea and shoot for the moon. This will be your portfolio project that helps you get that amazing job. This project will require you to utilize all of what we learned in class and maybe more if you so dare!
Week 10: Project Intensive and Demos
The final week you will learn how to write tests for your project using Cypress. Then, deploy the project to a server on Heroku and present the product and pitch deck. Take time to reflect on your experience, talk about what's to come in your future path of software development.
Web Development Immersion program includes
Hands-on Skill Training
Learn technical skills and best practices being used by industry leading tech companies. Our curriculum is reviewed by lead software engineers at AirBnB, Uber, and Google.
One on One Mentorship
Each student is paired with an industry contact and builds a strong relationship with them over the course of the program. 70% of software engineers come in from referrals.
Real World Project
A project designed and developed by yourself that is a great product and is also scalable, reusable, modular, responsive, unit and integration tested, well documented, and architected.
Community of Students and Alumni
Join a community of like minded students and alumni from different backgrounds across the globe all focused on leveling up their skills and growing together.
Software Engineer Mindset
Over the course of the program, we will demonstrate and help you develop a nothing is impossible mindset towards software to kickstart the rest of your career.
Personal Website
During the program you will design and develop a personal website that displays your skills, the projects you've worked on, and anything else you'd like to show off.
Meet your web development instructors
Joe Rezendes
Joe is an experienced front end engineer who studied Software Engineering at the Make School Product College in San Francisco. Over the years, Joe has provided robust UI/UX work for several startups in the Bay area. He's written his own CSS libraries that have been used by thousands of developers and has contributed to a wide number of open source projects. Joe also worked in the digital marketing space for 2 years, plays music, and has been teaching students since a young age.
Asim Zaidi
Asim is a front end engineer with a background in the MERN Stack. He studied Computer Science in both a traditional . elite university setting and a bootcamp setting and has participated in numerous hacker hackathons. Currently, Asim works for a startup in San Francisco and runs his own web agency where he builds websites and apps for creatives and influencers. Asim loves to keep up to date with the latest advancement in JavaScript and React.
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Emmet, a Creative Careers Fellow
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